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Cambridge Ferret Welfare and Rescue Society

Cambridgeshire Ferret Welfare & Rescue Society, are proud to be associated with the East Anglian Game and Country Fair and thank them for their support which enables the society to raise funds to continue its work in the rescue and welfare of abandoned and unwanted ferrets and look forward to continuing that association at this year's show.

"I would like to say thank you for organising yet again such a fantastic show. Also thanks to all the show staff, who did a grand job in organising traffic, security, refuse, etc Great Stuff! This is my 3rd year on the trot with the CWFRS (Cambridge Ferret Welfare Rescue Society) and we had a fantastic time showing our ferrets and doing the ferret racing in the Countryside Arena, of which many people enjoyed and the weather was fantastic yet again!" - Kevin Torbuck - CWFRS