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Samsalin Dog Rescue

Samsalin Dog Rescue is a non-profit making organisation based in North Yorkshire which has been going over 15 years.  The rescue takes in mainly Working Springer Spaniels and other working gundog breeds then re-homes them throughout the country.  The dogs are usually brought into the centre where they are assessed for a period of time before a suitable home is found for them.  The rescue generally has a long waiting list of people and so dogs can be re-homed quickly once they are ready.

Whilst the dogs are staying at the rescue they are kennelled indoors, fed, watered and given plenty of exercise and most importantly given lots of human contact.  No dog has ever been put down.  Some dogs stay for a few weeks some for months.  The dogs are only re-homed to suitable homes. 

Samsalin dog rescue will also be supplying the Dog Creche Facility at the East Anglian Game & Country Fair.