Forestry Area & Competitions

Forestry Area

Since 2005 there has been a Forestry Area at the East Anglian Game & Country Fair, each year it becomes more popular as we keep adding to our competitions to make the experience enjoyable for spectators and competitors alike.

Climbing Competitions

Tree Climbing Competitions.

The tree climbing competition which is adjudicated over by Mr Tony Sorensen, who can be found regularly commenting on with commentary by Mr Nick Potts of plus a team of helpers. 

Our tree climbing competition is different from others you may have witnessed, as we run a head to head race through a predetermined simulated work climb.

Cutting Competitions

Our cutting competition is organised by Mr Andy Campbell who is a top ranked competitor in the U.K. loggers. 

This competition takes the most to organise, so there is a large group of volunteers behind the scenes to help set-up and run this event smoothly.

Competitors are expected to fell a standing stem, cross cut and delimb/sned.

Pole Climb

Pole Climbing has proved very successful, our unique version of a traditional pole climb.

We pit two competitors head to head up the largest poles we can transport down the road.  Although these normally fall short of the 90 foot monsters that you find at the U.K. championship, they make up for in speed and splinters. (Watch this space for the 2017 show – the poles might be bigger and better than ever!)

Forest area trade stands

Forestry Area Stands

The Forestry Area has more to offer than the competitions, although they form the main part to draw the crowds. We have a Trade Area headed by our sister company T.H.F. Countryside. 

Competition Form…

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