Main Arena Events

The World Famous Dancing Diggers

They have been described as a down to earth version of the Red Arrows; they have curtsied for the Queen; pirouetted for TV and thrilled thousands all over the world.

They are the legendary JCB Dancing Diggers. Although in great demand, the Diggers limit their appearances to three to four shows and have appeared on TV all over the world.

Spectators are stunned to see a team of mechanical monsters weighing over 80 tonnes appear so elegant and light – even dainty. But that’s exactly what they become when they perform intricate and spectacular routines to music like The Phantom of the Opera, the Wedding March and Firebird.

The “choreography” sees the diggers circle and weave past each other with split second precision, and only inches to spare. But the moves that really draw gasps see the drivers form up and use their hydraulics to turn their machines into sculptures.  Buckets and shovels become acrobatic arms, lifting the machines clear of the ground and performing hand-stands.

One of the big favourites is when machines lever their own back wheels off the ground to create a perfect wedding arch for other machines to drive through.

The Dancing Diggers will be performing three times each day – 12pm, 2.30pm and 5pm. 

Dancing Diggers at the game fair

British Scurry & Trials Driving

See the exciting, fast and skilful British Scurry & Trials Driving in the Main Arena at this year’s East Anglian Game & Country Fair.

Watch ponies of all shapes and sizes take on a timed obstacle course made from cones, temporary barriers, flags arches and ramps all against the clock. Speed, agility and bravery are required!

Audience participation is encouraged to spur on the competitors and provides great entertainment for all the family. Not to be missed at the Game & Country Fair!

Many thanks to The Horsebox Company for sponsoring the Scurry & Trials Rosettes. 

The Mounted Games Association of Great Britain

See The Mounted Games Association of Great Britain hold the most exciting and exhilarating display competitions in the Main Arena at this year’s Game Fair. 

Riders in teams, complete short relay style races against each other demonstrating speed, accuracy and horsemanship. Races are a mix of turns, intricate hand overs, equipment collections and placements, vaulting on and off the horse and of course – all at gallop! Members of the audience are invited to support their local team as points are awarded for each game, giving a competitive edge to the entertainment.

Equestrian Events
Terrier Racing

Terrier Racing

Once again the Terrier & Lurcher Club will be attending the East Anglian Game Fair. They will be running the very popular Terrier racing in the main arena on both days; they shall also be running throughout the day on the Saturday and early on the Sunday Terrier & Lurcher racing in the large arena behind their stand.

Many thanks to The Horsebox Company for sponsoring the Terrier Racing Rosettes. 

Stuart Barnes Sheepdog & Duck Display

Stuart was known as the Animal Kid during his years growing up on the South Island of New Zealand. He had more pets then he could count: from possums to magpies, to many more homeless species, all living in and around the house, with a large number in the closets and drawers of his bedroom.

At the age of 15, he left mainstream education and home to become a shepherd. One of the most significant places of this work was on ‘Clarence Reserve’, a 132,000- acre station, which comprised big mountains and treacherous terrain. While working on this station, Stuart had 15 sheep dogs and 4 horses of his own, and lived in the rugged and bush-style huts there with some scary hillbillies.

Now Stuart presents shows all over the UK in the summer season. During his demonstrations, he educates people in a humorous Kiwi style, on how to understand domesticated animals and their behaviours, and how animals work as a pack and communicate with each other.

Stuart Barnes Sheepdog & Duck Display
Fens Falconry

Fens Falconry Display

If you have seen their demonstrations before you will know they fly their eclectic range of birds in many different ways to show how well adapted birds of prey are in the wild.  They encourage conservation through education and allow visitors a unique up-close experience with some beautiful creatures.

The team has also spent a great deal of time over the autumn and winter months building and developing their facility. They have opened Fens Falconry in the village of Wisbech St Mary, Cambs where they are now able to take people on fantastic days to experience life with birds of prey themselves.

Mid Norfolk Gun Dogs

The Mid-Norfolk Gundog Club is a Kennel Club registered General Canine Society formed twenty five years ago by a group of friends that wanted to improve the abilities of their working gundogs.
Main Arena Events
Ferret show and ferret racing

Pakefield Ferrets

Simon Whitehead, a professional ferreter, author and writer for the Shooting Times magazine and the Countryman’s Weekly lives and works in Suffolk, displays and demonstrates in his own unique and enthusiastic manner the full mechanics of ferreting at all of the major UK events.

Most recently he has appeared on Fieldsport Britain, ITV’s Countrywise programme with Mike Robinson, BBC 4’s This Green and Pleasant Land. Jimmy’s Forest on Channel 4 with Jimmy Doherty and the BBC’s Great British Food Revival with Clarissa Dickson Wright as well as The ShootingTimesUK  YouTube channel.

Ferreting is normally carried out in unsociable surroundings and often in solitude so Simon, using the arena demonstrations explains and illustrates why ferreting in the true sense of the word, the ferreter, their ferrets, dog and nets are fast becoming a more sought-after figure in the countryside and towns of the UK.

Luckily in these modern times, Simon can demonstrate the traditional country skills of ferreting that have survived the growth in technology. Simon shows just why the Pakefield Ferrets motto of “ensuring the tradition of ferreting is continued for further generations” illustrates how the life of the ferret and rabbit are so deeply entwined.

Harvey’s Heavy Horse Display

Step back to a time when horse power was relied upon for food and transport. Harvey’s Shires will show you just how these powerful and majestic animals performed in years gone by; see their extensive collection of vehicles and implements used in all areas of work and pleasure.

These fantastic animals (weighting the best part of a tonne in weight) work alongside their handlers to make what can only be described as perfect companionship. The trust between one another is exceptional. See brewery drays, stallion carts, wagons and farming implements all in show condition. We guarantee you will see some brilliantly bright brass! A not-to-be missed attraction.

Harvey's Shires
Hound Parade

Suffolk Hunt Hound Parade

The Suffolk Hunt can trace its roots back to the 18th Century.  Augustus Henry, third Duke of Grafton started this Hunt in 1745 when he hunted the Suffolk  countryside from his seat at Euston Hall.

The present Hunt Country covers some 24 miles from Shadwell in the north to Long Melford in the south, with the same miles covered from Redgrave in the east to Denston in the west &  meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays from early autumn until mid-March each season. 

The Suffolk is a mounted pack, that always hunts with a mixed pack of hounds  & takes out approximately 15 & a half couple each time. 

The Suffolk’s huntsman is Sean Hutchinson who is going into his 17th season of hunting the Suffolk hounds & whipper in Ben Carson started in May this year. 

Since the hunting ban of 2004 the Suffolk hunt has continued to hunt within the law using a drag line and a bird of prey.  Watch their display in the main arena Saturday Only. 

Alan Riddell

We are delighted to welcome back Alan Riddell to the 2018 show. This year, he will will be joining our Main Arena line-up, demonstrating basic fly casting techniques using a 15% low resin carbon Salmon rod and a mixture of smaller Trout-fly rods. ‘Catch’ his demo on both show days at 10am.

On his stand he will also be showcasing his hand-built rods and flies with accessories. Customers from the 2017 show have reported great success with Alan’s Salmon flies, one with a personal best and another couple had four in two days when the Ghillie hadn’t had a fish for a week. 

Fly Competition