Main Arena Events

Hywel Morgan Fishing

Hywel Morgan

World and European Casting Champion, Hywel Morgan will be entertaining crowds with a Fly Fishing demo in the Main Arena. Hywel first stepped onto a casting platform at just 4 years old. Since the age of 14 he has regularly given demos at shows all over the UK. He is the only World Fly Casting Champion who demonstrates and has developed a wonderfully relaxed and humorous way of informing and educating the audience about the fascinating world of Fly Fishing. Hywel will also offer ‘have a go’ fly tying and casting tuition and demos on the Black Bourne River.

The Silver Stars Army Parachute Display Team

The Parachute team was formed in 1963 to represent the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT). The team name the Silver Stars was adopted taking its name from the pointed stars of the Corps cap badge.

After the formation of the Royal Logistic Corps in 1993 the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) parachute team the ‘Cannonballs’ amalgamated with the RCT parachute team retaining the name ‘Silver Stars’ reflecting the new Corps cap badge.

The Team is made up of various ranks from Private to Major from both the Regular and Army Reserve. An eclectic mix of serving personnel who are passionate about bringing sport parachuting to not only soldiers, but also the general public, and demonstrating the wide variety of opportunities within the Royal Logistic Corps. The Silver Stars is proud to have soldiers who have represented Great Britain at international competition. They also have national medal winners as well as experts in most classes of parachuting.

Don’t miss this spectacular sight at the drop zone in the Main Arena with the beautiful backdrop of Euston Hall.

Silver Stars

UK Horseboarding Championships

“Somewhere between scurry racing and wake boarding” describes Arena Boarding. Teams take on the clock around a course of gates, set to challenge the best boarders and horse riders, from long straights into sweeping bends and ninety degree turns. In terms of motorsport it is more like rallying or Formula 1. Teams have to work together to achieve the right racing line to take the bends and complete the course.

New board technology has meant that board riders can get more grip in the corners, but as the track gets scrubbed out, you will still see them power sliding round the bends kicking up dust like a rally car.  This part of the sport has become so technical that board set-up, and even tyre choice has become critical.  The teams push their boards to the limit as they fight it out, trying to shave 100ths of a second off their times. As will always happen, when sportsmen push themselves and their equipment to the limit, sometimes they find the edge. Crashes are frequent,- with the teams’ motto seeming to be “we will not win by going slower.”

An absolute must-see spectacle – you will not be able to take your eyes off it, as teams achieving already unbelievable speeds, get faster with each race.

Ye Olde Retail Falconry

Constantly in demand throughout the UK and Europe, Ray & Wendy Aliker’s Ye Olde Redtail Birds have appeared on National Television many times including The Disney Channel, Blind Date and Away With Worlds. They also make regular appearances on BBC Wales and local television, as well as being featured in National and Local Press… The birds even starred in the blockbuster movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

The only display team to have been asked to perform at London Zoo, and one of the few displays to have worked on National Trust Land. Ye Olde Redtail Falconry Display have performed in front of the queen and many other members of the Royal Family. They have also worked on the Virgin Parties by special request of Richard Branson.  


Ye Olde Redtail Falconry

British Scurry & Trials Driving

See the exciting, fast and skilful British Scurry & Trials Driving in the Main Arena at this year’s East Anglian Game & Country Fair.

Watch ponies of all shapes and sizes take on a timed obstacle course made from cones, temporary barriers, flags arches and ramps all against the clock. Speed, agility and bravery are required!

Audience participation is encouraged to spur on the competitors and provides great entertainment for all the family. Not to be missed at the Game & Country Fair!


Mid Norfolk Gun Dogs

The Mid-Norfolk Gundog Club is a Kennel Club registered General Canine Society formed twenty five years ago by a group of friends that wanted to improve the abilities of their working gundogs.
Main Arena Events
Terrier Racing

Terrier Racing

Once again the Terrier & Lurcher Club will be attending the East Anglian Game Fair. They will be running the very popular Terrier racing in the main arena on both days; they shall also be running throughout the day on the Saturday and early on the Sunday Terrier & Lurcher racing in the large arena behind their stand.


Harvey’s Heavy Horse Display

Step back to a time when horse power was relied upon for food and transport. Harvey’s Shires will show you just how these powerful and majestic animals performed in years gone by; see their extensive collection of vehicles and implements used in all areas of work and pleasure.

These fantastic animals (weighting the best part of a tonne in weight) work alongside their handlers to make what can only be described as perfect companionship. The trust between one another is exceptional. See brewery drays, stallion carts, wagons and farming implements all in show condition. We guarantee you will see some brilliantly bright brass! A not-to-be missed attraction.