Main Arena Events

2022 Main Arena Timetable will be published in the official Show Programme available to purchase at the show from one of the programme stands. Timetable of events will also be posted and available to view at each arena. Line-up for all displays will be the same Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April with the JCB Dancing Diggers performing three times per day both days.

World Famous JCB Dancing Diggers

Headlining the Main Arena this year are JCB’s Ten Tonne Ballerinas – The Dancing Diggers! They will be performing three times per day on both Sat 23rd & Sun 24th!

They have been described as a down to earth version of the Red Arrows; they have curtsied for the Queen; pirouetted for TV and thrilled thousands all over the world.

They are the world renowned JCB Dancing Diggers. Although in great demand, the Diggers limit their appearances to just a couple of shows and have appeared on TV all over the world.

Spectators are stunned to see a team of mechanical monsters weighing over 80 tonnes appear so elegant and light – even dainty.

But that’s exactly what they become when they perform intricate and spectacular routines to music like The Phantom of the Opera, the Wedding March and Firebird.

The “choreography” sees the diggers circle and weave past each other with split second precision, and only inches to spare.

But the moves that really draw gasps see the drivers form up and use their hydraulics to turn their machines into sculptures.  Buckets and shovels become acrobatic arms, lifting the machines clear of the ground and performing hand-stands.

One of the big favourites is when machines lever their own back wheels off the ground to create a perfect wedding arch for other machines to drive through.

To many in the crowd, the JCB Dancing Diggers are a spectacular and unusual entertainment.  But others who watch also rely on JCB machines for their living and for them the performance is a graphic demonstration of the machines’ remarkable manoeuvrability, precision and power.

Don’t miss this spectacular show in the Main Arena!

Dancing Diggers
Hywel Morgan Fishing

Hywel Morgan

World and European Casting Champion, Hywel Morgan will be entertaining crowds with a Fly Fishing demo in the Main Arena. Hywel first stepped onto a casting platform at just 4 years old. Since the age of 14 he has regularly given demos at shows all over the UK. He is the only World Fly Casting Champion who demonstrates and has developed a wonderfully relaxed and humorous way of informing and educating the audience about the fascinating world of Fly Fishing. Hywel will also offer ‘have a go’ fly tying and casting tuition and demos on the Black Bourne River.

The Lowestoft Dog Agility Display Team

“The A Team”

The Lowestoft Dog Agility Display Team is the longest established Dog Display Team in the UK, entertaining audiences around East Anglia since 1964!  Our half hour action-packed displays include a variety of elements such as races, flyball, weaving poles, retrieves and fire jumps!  An assortment of different dogs are in the team, currently including Border Collies, Labradors, Australian Shepherd Dog, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, a Jack Russell Terrier and several Cross Breeds, some of which are rescued dogs.  Our displays are accompanied by a lively and entertaining commentary.  The emphasis is on entertainment with elements of agility and (not too serious) obedience.  Our team members are all volunteers and their dogs are pets first and foremost.  

British Scurry & Trials Driving

See the exciting, fast and skilful British Scurry & Trials Driving in the Main Arena at this year’s East Anglian Game & Country Fair.

Watch ponies of all shapes and sizes take on a timed obstacle course made from cones, temporary barriers, flags arches and ramps all against the clock. Speed, agility and bravery are required!

Audience participation is encouraged to spur on the competitors and provides great entertainment for all the family. Not to be missed at the Game & Country Fair!


Fens Falconry

Fens Falconry is a bird of prey experience and education centre based in Wisbech.
The centre gives visitors the opportunity to get close to owls, hawks, falcons
and buzzards having them fly naturally in a peaceful setting. Our education
centre is a brand new facility where we teach ecology to children and adults
alike, ecology days explore our environment with tips to help the nature around
you and school pupils will learn valuable lessons with an experience to

See these magnificent birds in action this year in the Main Arena!

Photo credit Laura Galbraith


Horseboarding UK Championships

“Somewhere between scurry racing and wake boarding” describes Arena Boarding. Teams take on the clock around a course of gates, set to challenge the best boarders and horse riders, from long straights into sweeping bends and ninety degree turns. In terms of motorsport it is more like rallying or Formula 1. Teams have to work together to achieve the right racing line to take the bends and complete the course.

New board technology has meant that board riders can get more grip in the corners, but as the track gets scrubbed out, you will still see them power sliding round the bends kicking up dust like a rally car.  This part of the sport has become so technical that board set-up, and even tyre choice has become critical.  The teams push their boards to the limit as they fight it out, trying to shave 100ths of a second off their times. As will always happen, when sportsmen push themselves and their equipment to the limit, sometimes they find the edge. Crashes are frequent,- with the teams’ motto seeming to be “we will not win by going slower.”

An absolute must-see spectacle – you will not be able to take your eyes off it, as teams achieving already unbelievable speeds, get faster with each race.

Mid Norfolk Gun Dogs

The Mid-Norfolk Gundog Club is a Kennel Club registered General Canine Society formed twenty five years ago by a group of friends that wanted to improve the abilities of their working gundogs.
Main Arena Events
Terrier Racing

Terrier Racing

Once again the Terrier & Lurcher Club will be attending the East Anglian Game Fair. They will be running the very popular Terrier racing in the main arena on Sunday; they shall also be running Terrier & Lurcher racing in the large arena behind their stand throughout the day on the Saturday and early on the Sunday .


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