Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Bernese Mountain Dogs year begins at our Game Fair, and is followed by 10 other events ending in September. Each February they all meet up to decide were the money collected the previous year will be donated.


Last years money was donated to the following:

The Balanced Being Foundation in Wetherby
Wanderers Haven in Upminster Essex,
Leonberger Rescue, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, Bull Mastiff Rescue and The Raine Rescue
Then to Animal Rescue Centre in each of the areas we appear:
Animal Care in Lancashire
Cheshire Dogs Home in Cheshire
F.A.I.T.H. Animal Rescue in Norfolk
Hilbrae Rescue Kennels in Shropshire 
Whitehall Dog Rescue in Yorkshire
All the above totals £2900.00
Up to date over the past three years they have donated a total of £7500.00 to the Balanced Being Foundation for research into the use of Homeopathy being used to give dogs with terminal cancer a better quality of life in their final months.

Every single penny donated by the public goes to Health and Rescue, all their travelling is at their own individual cost.

Bernese Mountain Dogs
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