Equestrian Events

British Scurry & Trials Driving

Back by popular demand the exciting, fast and skilful British Scurry & Trials Driving in the Main Arena at this year’s East Anglian Game & Country Fair. 

Watch ponies of all shapes and sizes take on a timed obstacle course made from cones, temporary barriers, flags arches and ramps all against the clock. Speed, agility and bravery are required!

Audience participation is encouraged to spur on the competitors and provides great entertainment for all the family.  Not to be missed at the Game & Country Fair! 

Sion Davies Farrier Services

Don’t miss Sion Davies and his team of professional farriers in action.

A well shod horse is the result of co-operation between the horse owner the farrier… and the horse. The farrier brings to the job the skill and knowledge acquired through a lengthy apprenticeship, intensive college and training and a continuing accumulation of experience.

The horse will be better able to co-operate if used to handling, so that it will stand quietly whilst the feet are picked up, trimmed and/or shod. Proper feeding and continuing foot care picking out the feet helps build strong horn which makes good farriery easier.

Sion and his team will be located on the 2nd Avenue next to the Horse Pen.

Sion Davies Farrier Services