Forestry Area

Since 2005 there has been a Forestry Area at the East Anglian Game & Country Fair, each year it becomes more popular as we keep adding to our competitions to make the experience enjoyable for spectators and competitors alike.

A dedicated team all with connections with Tree Worker Training as employees or past students work hard to produce this area for you. proprietor Chalky White is the only solely tree based training organisation in the East of England.  With this team we have managed to achieve what has been said of, in the forestry press as the most fun based forestry competition to happen in the U.K. 

Entrants come from around the U.K. and sometimes from across the world.  Male, female, young and old all take part in the section that fits their skills and abilities. 

The East of England Cutters & Climbers Competition is made up of three individual events with prizes and rankings for each event. The vast majority of competitors compete in all events, with the chance to win the much coveted ‘Most Employable Person’ title. First won by Alex Talbot in 2005 who is one of our senior officials, when not involved in the competition he spends his time with Tree Surgery Services based outside Newmarket.

If you would like an enrolment form for the 2020 Cutters and Climbers competition please click here.

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