East Anglian Game & Country Fair

26th & 27th April 2025


East Anglian Game & Country Fair

26th & 27th April 2025


Welcoming back Nathan Rackham to our Game Fair Country Kitchen this April…

Housed in our busy Food and Drink Hall, the Game Fair Country Kitchen offers a fantastic line-up of local chefs running demos throughout the two show days. 

We are delighted to welcome back Michelin Trained Chef Nathan Rackham to the show! This month Nathan shares his recipe for Crab, Pickled Cucumber, Caviar, Noilly Prat, Lemon and a Cucumber Consommé. See below for full recipe and method!

Nathan trained in the Périgord region in France in Classical Michelin Restaurant Le Pont De L’ouysse, Handed down for 5 generations. Learning his roots steeped in classical cuisine.

His return to England saw him cook in Modern Michelin kitchens, cooking for royalty and A list celebrities amongst a few of the highlights of his career.

Privately Catering for homes across Europe he decided to start Journal Dining in June 2021.

Specialising in Private Dining and intimate sized Weddings, Journal Dining brings you tailored experiences for your requirements. Use Code: JournalGCF10 for 10% off any private dining event booked before September 1st 2022

Crab, Pickled Cucumber, Caviar, Martini, Lemon, Cucumber Consommé. Buttery rich crab cut with a light zingy pickle, slight Asian influences in the consommé and a martini undertone. Clean and crisp on the palate.

Serves 2/3. Equipment needed:
Parisienne Scoop
Metal Rings 3 inch and a 2 inch
2x piping bags
Vac pac (optional)


1x Medium Dressed Crab meat (separated brown and 70g white meat)

¼ Lemon zested

1  Small shallot very finely diced

Pickled Cucumber

1/3 Large Cucumber

10g Martini

10g Lemon juice

20g Sugar

1g Salt

35g Rice wine vinegar

3g Olive oil

Cucumber Consomme

2/3 Cucumber, peeled

5g Mirin

15g Lemon Juice

5g Rice Vinegar

20g Ginger

Crème Fraiche

1 Lemon zested

100g Crème Fraiche


Pickled Cucumber. In a small pan gently heat all the ingredients apart from cucumber, until the sugar has dissolved. Chill.

Parisienne scoop (a smaller version of a melon baller, if you don’t have one small cm dice is fine) the cucumber into small balls, compress in a vac bag with the liquor for 12 hours, alternatively if you don’t have a vac pac machine leave to soak in the liquor for 24 hours.

Cucumber Consommé. Before you make the consommé first you need the cucumber stripes. Peel long stripes and layer them overlapping, use a round cutter to achieve required shape. Now you can start the consommé, Blitz all the ingredients in a blender, strain through a j-cloth slowly. Adjust seasoning with salt and vinegar.

Crème Fraiche. Mix the crème fraiche with lemon zest. Place in piping bag.

Dress the Plate. Start with the ring cutter and place in the centre of the bowl. With the white crab meat cover the base of the ring.

Remove the ring and place the circle of cucumber on top of the white crab.

With a smaller ring on the centre of the cucumber circle, cover the base of the ring with caviar. Remove the ring around the circle of caviar, alternate pickled cucumber, crème fraiche piped in balls and brown crab meat.

Finish with slices of radish or violas.