Get Ready For The World Famous Dancing Diggers! - East Anglian Game & Country Fair
Dancing Diggers at the game fair

Get Ready For The World Famous Dancing Diggers!

We have been overwhelmed by the response we have received from visitors who are super excited to see The World Famous Dancing Diggers at the show this year. 

They have been described as a down to earth version of the Red Arrows; they have curtsied for the Queen; pirouetted for TV and thrilled thousands all over the world. Spectators are stunned to see a team of mechanical monsters weighing over 80 tonnes appear so elegant and light – even dainty!

To many in the crowd, the JCB Dancing Diggers are a spectacular and unusual entertainment.  But others who watch also rely on JCB machines for their living and for them the performance is a graphic demonstration of the machines’ remarkable manoeuvrability, precision and power.

We are delighted to welcome the Dancing Diggers to Euston Estate this April! We anticipate this event to be hugely popular so they will be performing in the main arena three times each day at 12pm, 2.30pm and 5pm.  

Don’t miss this spectacular show in the Main Arena!

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